Alpha Income SMA

Alpha’s Income Separately Managed Account (SMA) is an actively managed diversified portfolio invested across income-oriented assets (such as cash, bonds and fixed interest) and at times may include a small amount of growth assets (such as Australian and international equities, property, infrastructure) which is constructed based on a proven investment philosophy and process that combines active asset allocation and investment selection.

The portfolio is actively managed and primarily focused on the sustainable generation of income while preserving capital and purchasing power over time. It seeks to take advantage of opportunities when they present and to respond to changes in market conditions with the allocation to the various asset classes and strategies managed dynamically within your portfolio and adjusted within certain ranges based on our assessment of market conditions.

Alpha Income SMAs are specifically designed to:

generate sustainable income

be actively managed

provide a transparent, beneficial ownership structure

have a dynamic asset allocation

consider fees and taxes

Alpha Income SMA Portfolio

The Alpha Income SMA Portfolio has a defined investment strategy that reflects a range of financial goals. The investment strategy determines how the portfolio is constructed, dynamically allocating assets proportionately across investment strategies and asset classes to achieve the objective. 

Alpha Income Portfolio

An actively managed diversified portfolio primarily focused on the sustainable generation of income while preserving capital and purchasing power over time using a multisector multi-strategy portfolio construction approach.

Years Investment Horizon

The Alpha Income Portfolio aims to achieve a return that exceeds the cost of inflation (CPI) by 1% per annum after fees over rolling 3-year periods.

  • Up to 20% growth assets
  • $25,000 minimum investment
  • Fees available upon request
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How SMAs Work

There are four key parties who work together to implement your Separately Managed Account. These parties and their responsibilities are detailed below.

Your Adviser

Your financial adviser ensures that your account is delivering on your agreed strategy or strategies and is responsible for ensuring it operations according to your plan. Your adviser will also provide you with portfolio updates and answer and questions you may have.


Your Investment Manager

Your investment or portfolio manager is responsible for the selection and allocation of all of your underlying investments. Alpha Investment Management is your investment manager and will select and allocate according to your investment philosophy and the specific investment strategy for your portfolio.


Your Platform

Your platform is the custodian of your funds and provides the interface between you and your assets. You will be provided secure online access to your platform where you can view current asset allocations and your portfolio status at any time.


Your Responsible Entity

The responsible entity is responsible for the Investment Manager's compliance with regulation and for issuing you with the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).


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